Life Groups

bgBottom“Life Groups” are coming to
Shively Baptist Church

Beginning Sunday, January 5th – Sunday mornings are gonna look a little different around here.

Starting earlier:  For starters, our Sunday morning discipleship time is going to begin (15) minutes earlier – beginning at 9:00 am instead of 9:15 am. We are asking our children’s and youth ministry teams be in place and ready to receive students before that time. Our discipleship timie will still end at 10:15 – givinig our programs (15) more minutes of ministry time.

Senior Adult Sunday School Division:  For our purposes at Shively, the word “Senior Adult” refers to those aged 65 and older. This division is still organized into classes, and will be made up of those classes currently known as: Adult 1, Adult 2A/2B/2Mens, Adult 3, Adult 11, Adult 12 and Adult 6. For those who are currently members in these classes, and who choose not to join the Adult Life Groups, the only changes for you on January 5th include:

  • Starting (15) minutes earlier.
  • The Adult 2 opening will be held with Adult 1 in the chapel instead of the fellowship hall.

Adult Life Groups Division:  Everyone else will be meeting in the fellowship hall from 9:00-10:15 am for “Life Groups”. This includes:

  • Adult 10, Adult 4, Adult 7, and Adult 8.
  • Individuals of any age (18+) whose class has decided to join the “Sr Adult Sunday School Division”, but choose for themselves to join this “Groups Division”.
  • College & Career will be a part of our “Life Groups Division”, but will continue to meet as a separate group in the same spaces they currently fill until further notice.

Find Out More:  There has been extensive conversation about these changes between myself and the current Sunday School / Share Group Leadership teams. I have also presented more details of this plan to each of the classes that will be changing to form our “Adult Life Groups Division.” I intend to record a series of videos that detail more of the purposes and process of our changes, and answer FAQs that may come up. I will be posting these as they are taped over the next several weeks. 

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