Secret Church Rules


Short and sweet … we try to imitate the communication patterns of the REAL “secret church”. Here we go:





Think of it as a “hush” campaign. We aren’t going to be making any “loud” announcements or “mass media” pitches. The assumption will be that everyone who attends is there because someone invited them personally. Don’t talk about it in public, keep the traffic quite. You may assume you know where we are going to meet (and you are probably correct) but don’t assume until you get the word. Invite friends to attend the event … with the location yet to be announced. When you get the word … pass it on to those you invited, and let the networking do its job.

Some basic guidelines … and have fun with it!

  1. Introduction to our ministry is by  “word of mouth” only.
  2. We ask that you do not use mass e-mails or social media blanket posts (e.g. “status updates”) to tell your friends about our ministry events. While phone calls, e-mails and individual message posts are permitted, we request that you maximize face-to-face invitations.
  3. We also ask that you maximize one-on-one invitations. If the person you intend to invite is in a group, ask them to step aside and speak with you.
  4. If someone asks you about an event incidentally, either invite them or graciously decline to discuss it. (Keep a token element of secrecy.)
  5. When you invite someone, please direct them to this site by giving them a “Secret Church”card.
  6. Ask the person you invite to invite their friends to join us as well, and if they agree, be prepared to give them a few cards of their own to hand out.
  7. If you need cards you can request them from the person who invited you (but it may take a while for the network to feed printed cards back down to you. You can also download single sided cards here. If you want to get more details on the card, consider printing two-sided cards.
  8. Encourage everyone you invite to sign-up on our mail list. This list will be used to send out event details as the event gets closer, and allow us to estimate attendance so we can plan appropriately.
  9. We may be setting up a Twitter account just for our local “Secret Church”. Word will passed through the network and via the e-mail list if that happens.

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